History of Kanban, Definition of Kanban, General Concepts, Origin and history, Toyota’s six rules, …

  • Kanban with Scrum Theory, Why Use Kanban?, Kanban Theory, Kanban Board, Kanban Cards
  • Visualisation, Push vs. Pull systems, Kanban Practices, Actively Managing, Items in a Workflow
  • Work in Progress, Service Level Expectation, Improving the Workflow, Kanban Measures, WIP
  • Throughput, Work Item Age, Cycle Time, Little’s Law – The Key to Governing Flow, Lead Time
  • Kanban for Scrum Teams, Flow-Based Events, The Sprint, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, Increment
  • Reporting and Analysis, Cumulative Flow Diagrams, Definition of a value stream, Continuous improvement
  • Kanban in project management, Kaizen Culture